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Vice Chairman's Desk
Blaine A. Griffin Blaine A. Griffin is executive director of the Community Relations Board for the city of Cleveland, where he is, in part, responsible for developing and implementing strategies that promote amicable relationships between the city of Cleveland and any racial, cultural and diverse groups in the city of Cleveland. Blaine is also responsible, in part, for maintaining and developing amicable relationships between law enforcement groups, including the Cleveland Division of Police and residents, businesses and visitors of the city of Cleveland. Blaine is a German Marshall Memorial Fellow, which is a fellowship to develop transatlantic relationships with European social, cultural and political institutions. He is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) Citizens Academy and a member of the civilian U.S. Marshall’s Posse of the Northern District of Ohio. Blaine serves on the board of Policy Matters Ohio, an agency that studies public policy as it pertains to worker’s rights and disadvantaged communities. He is a 2008 to 2010 Who’s Who in Black Cleveland inductee. Blaine received a B.A. in Communications from Malone College.

Beginning his career as a Community Organizer, Blaine began working with grassroots community leaders on voter registration drives and Get out the Vote campaigns. He became even more politically active by canvassing neighborhoods and working the polls for many Democratic candidates, levies and issue campaigns. Many Democratic candidates began seeking Blaine’s support to manage their campaigns and work on many coordinated campaigns for local, state and national Democrats. Blaine’s volunteerism and commitment to his community caught the attention of several party leaders and rank and file members, most notably, his friend and political mentor, the late Honorable Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

Goals of the Vice-Chairman   
  1. Assist the chairman in enforcing the by-laws of the local, state and national Democratic Party and achieving all of the goals and standards that he sets for the Cuyahoga Democratic Party.
  2. Win elections by increasing voter participation within the traditional Cuyahoga County Democratic Party base and reaching out to undecided voters.
  3. Recruit, educate and train young professionals, college and high school students on how to become actively involved with promoting local, state and national Democratic candidates, causes and public policy.
  4. Develop strong educational outreach to help voters understand the issues and positions of the Democratic Party and the candidates we endorse.
  5. Ensure diversity, inclusion and fairness in all of the processes implemented by the Democratic Party.


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