2024 Voter Engagement Project

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Our 2024 Voter Engagement Project is here! In the last two November elections, 2022 and 2023, an average of 475,000 registered Cuyahoga voters didn’t vote. We need to get to them. After many months and many meetings the following is our plan for voter engagement from now until early-to-mid September, when we pivot to GOTV:

Initial targets chosen are 8 full Cleveland wards, east and west, that have either seen turnout decrease in the past two decades, or are part of a targeted State Senate district.

As we build capacity, further Cleveland wards will be added. Democrats have a legitimate chance to flip three seats – Ohio House District 17 and two Ohio Senate seats – District 24 and District 18, where roughly a third of it is in Cuyahoga County.

Our goal is to reach tens of thousands of voters who may not always vote, and encourage them to vote Democratic, with a pro-Democrat/anti-Republican message that is brief and to the point.

Please sign up and check all the ways you can help.

Please invite your family and friends so they can join this important effort.