Become A Precinct Committee Member

What is the Central Committee and what is the Precinct Committee?

They are the same thing! The Central Committee is made up of one Democratic per precinct and so it is sometimes referred to as the Precinct Committee.

What about the Elected Executive Committee?

The Elected Executive Committee is a subgroup of the Central Committee. The Elected Executive Committee members are elected by the Central Committee members within 60 days after the Central Committee Election held every four years (next one in 2022).

What does the Central Committee do? What does the Executive Committee do?
The first action of the Central Committee is to elect Party leadership. Officers and City/Ward Leaders are elected by the new Central Committee members following the certification of the Primary election in May.  The Central Committee also appoints Democrats in the case of some vacancies in public office [such as County Council].

Most importantly, the Central Committee is the grassroots leadership of the Party (see Role & Responsibilities).

The Executive Committee [Elected and Appointed] make endorsements in local races.

How do I become a Central Committee Member?
You run for it! Every four years in the primary election for Governor, the Democrats in Cuyahoga County elect all Central Committee members. The next election is scheduled for May 2022.  The candidates for Central Committee appear as the last names on the Democratic ballot. The candidate with the most votes wins the election for their particular precinct.

How do I become a candidate for Central Committee Member?
You circulate a petition, gather signatures from Democrats in your precinct, and turn in your petition to the Board of Elections. Please use the petition generated by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. You can pick one up from CCDP headquarters [call 216-621-9750 ahead of pickup] or get from the CCBOE.

When is the deadline?
You must submit your petition to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections by the date indicated on the Secretary of State website [90 days prior to the primary election]. In 2022 the deadline for submission is February 2, 2022 by 4 P.M.


  1. Complete your Declaration of Candidacy

On the SOS Form 2-L [use the one generated by the CCBOE], fill in your name, address where you’re registered to vote, county, and “Democratic” Party.

  1. Fill in your precinct

Use the first line if you live in a township. Use the second line if you live in a city without wards. Use the third line if you live in a city with wards. 

You can check your precinct on the Board of Elections website (

  1. Complete the election date, Party, date you sign & signature

Fill out the election date and the date you sign the form These are different dates!

  1. Complete your Party and name.
  2. Gather at least 5 signatures from Democrats in your precinct

You can look up registered Democrats by city and/or ward on the Board of Elections website (  We recommend getting at least 10 signatures in order to make sure that your filing will be valid.

  1. Have the Circulator complete the Circulator Statement

If you are circulating your own petition, this is you! If it’s someone else, be sure they are a registered Democrat before they circulate.

  1. You’re Done! Turn it in.

Return your petition to the Board of Elections (2nd Floor, 2925 Euclid Ave, Cleveland) prior to the deadline of February 2, 2022 at 4 P.M.